Billy Kyle
Video Creator


About Me

Hello! I am Billy Kyle, a 20 year old kid from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I create YouTube videos that combine some of my biggest passions: travel, film, and technology. My main focus is drone cinematography. The videos on my channel are tutorial based but also include my own personal footage from the amazing places I travel to. 

I try to juggle all of the videos I create along with school. I am currently attending Saint Joseph’s University on the outskirts of Philadelphia and plan to graduate in 2020… if everything goes as planned. I am studying communications with a minor in computer science both of which give me the tools to be the best content creator that I can be. At the end of the day, that is my passion. Being able to create something that others can watch and enjoy. I don't consider myself an “entertainer” by any stretch of the imagination but hope that through my videos I can help others use their devices to the fullest of its potential.

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